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    American Artist. Born 1963.

    An avid natural artist from earliest childhood, a professional Fine Artist, teacher, and gallery owner. Experienced in virtually all Fine Art media, with emphasis in large-canvas paintings. Studied as Fine Arts major with academic emphasis in Studio Art, Sculpture. Professional jewelry designer and bench jeweler, faceter of precious gemstones, and jewelry stonecutter. Background including public theatre stage set paintings and wall mural art.

    “Fine Art should fully achieve not only the intent and artistic expression of the artist for that piece, but it also reflects his or her creative vision, aesthetic sensibilities, and professional skill: Every completed work of art is a concise summation of the professional artist’s vision, abilities, priorities, and work ethic. When I complete a piece of artwork, it bears my signature. This fact underscores that it exemplifies the very best of who I am as an artist, as well as what I’ve sought to achieve with the piece. My collectors deserve nothing less, and I am determined to produce nothing less.” – Barry A. Conner