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    Becky Roesler was born in Indiana and grew up near Houston, Texas. Becky always knew she was an artist. She won her first art awards in 1960’s interscholastic art competitions, and began studying art through the Houston Museum of Fine Art and local college libraries while in her teens. Becky became a professional floral designer and attended University of Houston. She earned a bachelor’s degree at Southwest Texas State University in 1982, then worked in corporate business management while creating art and operating an antiques business in her spare time. Becky became a full-time artist in 2002, and is now happily making richly layered and joyful paintings filled with ecstatic color and positive energy. Today, Becky Roesler is an award-winning, professional artist who enjoys creating bold and vibrant abstract paintings in acrylic, pastel, and mixed media. Her colorful artwork is exhibited in many national art shows, select galleries, and in homes and businesses in almost every state in the U.S.A. Becky lives and works beside a river near New Braunfels, Texas with her husband, pets, giant trees, and some sneaky wildlife.