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    Texas native Doug Kent, is a music maker and story teller. He loves to share his smile with strangers, and gives everything he has to creating music that moves people. Doug’s music could be categorized as Americana with twists of straight-up country and turns of undeniable pop (albeit blue collar). At the end of the day, Doug Kent is in a category of his own and it’s a damn good one. Touring the state & region with a genuine goal of connecting with others through music and creating an outlet for them to “let it all go” for awhile. Doug says, “There is a fine line between songs that convey genuine emotion and songs that make people feel better. I think people connect when they hear a story similar to their own heartache and tribulations, but I also feel that connection when I’m able to offer them a chance to not think about those things and just let go for awhile. George Jones said it best, ‘When you’re happy you enjoy the music, but when you’re sad, you understand the lyrics.’ That’s something that I keep in mind with my writing, and I think my fans appreciate that.”