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    Garrett was this annoying kid who would burst out into song in my daughter’s 7th grade math class without even knowing he was singing. My daughter took a liking to his quirkiness and Garrett invited her to join this new theatre group that he and his mom were putting together. We were hooked from that moment on. Garrett inspired my daughter to try out for NESA when he found out that he had been accepted. She got into NESA too and 4 families spent their freshman year figuring out how to carpool these crazy kids to San Antonio and back. Garrett became like another son to me and I am so proud to have watched him continue to flourish into a polished actor and a somewhat zany almost young adult. He has starred in either the lead role or support of the lead role in almost every production with NBPA. He studies at the Studio School in Los Angeles but will always have a place here at NBPA.