Jane Felts Mauldin (Concrete Art)

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    Born and raised among the Central Texas flowers in San Saba County, Jane has a long-standing affinity for wildflowers that has found expression in her art. She has been involved in artwork since childhood, with memories of drawing, collecting pencils, pens and ink; of saving all kinds of paper. As an adult, she followed her learnings and earned degrees in art from Baylor University and Texas A & M, at Kingsville and taught art for sixteen years. She now devotes herself full time to painting at her studio in New Braunfels, TX. Subject matter ranges from landscape to portraits to still life, comfortable with either watercolors or oils. Her work has been shown in numerous galleries in Texas and New York. Enjoy the unique beauty of Texas – wander through the meadows of delicate blossoms and sweet-smelling grass created by Jane in her paintings. Like a patchwork quilt, wildflowers cover gently rolling fields and meadows in vibrant color in Spring, Summer, and Fall; waves of color tumbling across the Texas state. For more details on Jane Felts Mauldin art, click on any picture.