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    The JJ Garrett Band has been making waves and turning heads in the Texas Country scene since 2011. The group was formed in San Marcos by founding members JJ Villarreal of Fort Worth, TX and Doug Garrett of Grand Prairie, TX.
    JJ and Doug met in 2007 while attending Texas State University where they were Pi Kappa Phi fraternity brothers. Doug had been honing his musical skills since he first picked up a guitar in 2003. Going home for a semester, JJ picked up and began practicing playing the guitar. Excited to learn that JJ also had an interest in music, the duo began rehearsing together and playing for friends at parties around the San Marcos area.

    The group’s first public performance was at Jack’s Roadhouse in San Marcos, Texas in September 2011. After realizing their potential, they set out to expand their music careers. They created the name, the JJ Garrett Band, made up of JJ Villarreal’s first name and Doug Garrett’s last name. With the help of fellow musicians such as Matt Begley, of Matt Begley and Bitter Whiskey, the group learned how to run sound and book their own shows. Begley took the group on their first tour through Nebraska, South Dakota and Colorado. The JJ Garrett Band also has a strong working relationship with Chris Perez of Captiva Entertainment, who has helped the band land slots on big music festivals. Perez has also worked with the group teaching them more about the business aspect of the music industry.