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    Sometimes the gold is right in front of your face, sometimes you have to go a long way to find it. The above assertion holds true for many things. With no exception to the musical journey of Logun Timberlake. Born to a singer/performer of a mother and a father who’s main calling was writing, the proverbial stage was set. Always the guitar player and songwriter, when he moved to San Marcos in 2012 he took up the bass and joined rhythm sections in bands around the area for the experience he was lacking, while still gigging with his guitar on the side. Flash forward to 2018. Logun started taking steps towards his musical goals by booking studio time to record an EP of songs that he had compiled over the years titled “Too Tired”. An eccletic mix of songs ranging from folk harmonica laden (The Good Life), and bitter sweet storytelling (Save My Number) all the way to straight-up, knob ripping rock n’ roll (Gotta Get Mine). Logun’s guitar work is woven into the songs like a security blanket. Rearing it’s head up as a mighty bent string, when called upon. With a release date of Fall 2018 it was time to go to work. He needed a band. Because the stage is where he is most comfortable. Inexplicably in control of chaos. Undeniable. Formation took place as “65 at Night”. An ode to Texas highways and the art of “cruising”. Calling on former band members and various fill-ins, shows have been played all over Texas so far. Just recently the band has secured a weekly residency at a local venue named Billy’s Ice-house every Wednesday. Come visit the new home away from home for Logun Timberlake & 65 at Night. When asked “What’s next?” his response was “everything”. So do not hesitate to find him and his band at your local venue now, or book him there. His sights are set high and only time will tell…