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    Rebekah is a fine art photographer, focusing primarily on black & white images, and is based out of San Antonio, TX. She enjoys encouraging people to look beyond what they think they see and allow themselves to feel the images. Her photographs try to find those least noticed moments in our daily lives to highlight what we often take for granted or miss because we are so busy in life. To see how humans shape the world around us, from buildings, industry, nature and with one another and to highlight those aspects of life is her creative process.

    As an award-winning fine art photographer, Rebekah has had her photos exhibited by galleries both in the United States and Europe. Several of her images have been on display as part of the 5thBarcelona Foto Biennale and the 12th Pollux Awards international Photography Gala Awards. She has received awards for her photography not only with her traditional DSLR camera but also with her iPhone and confocal microscopy.

    Dr. Helton received a PhD in Viral Marine Ecology from the University of Delaware and an MS and BS from Michigan State University in Microbiology. She has studied under the tutelage of Mr. Danny N. Schweers, past president of the Texas Photographic Society and current president of the Brandywine Photo Collective, who also happens to have a formal education in the sciences. Rebekah is currently teaching Beginning iPhone Artistry for those in the area who want to learn how to use their smartphone to its fullest extent while taking advantage of the many capabilities it has to offer.