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    Bleu Edmondson began writing his own songs at the age of 19, got his first guitar on his 21st birthday, formed a band by the time he was 22 and hasn’t looked back since. Ever since writing to the legendary Lloyd Maines, asking for a shot to do a record with the highly respected producer, Bleu has been making records ever since, influenced by the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Robert Earl keen, Lyle Lovett, and The Rolling Stones. Lloyd Maines, who produced luminaries such as Guy Clark, Robert Earl keen, Charlie and Bruce Robison, The Dixie Chicks,and homegrown artists like Pat Green, Roger Creager, Jason Boland and many more successful and well known Texas/Red Dirt songwriters, automatically gave Bleu the guidance and street cred so many young songwriters strive for for years. His first album Southland produced the hits 50 Dollars and a Flask of Crown and Travellin Man which set Bleu off and running in the Texas music scene. His follow up album The Band Plays On, also produced by Lloyd Maines, was also well received and radio stations, and fans new Bleu was here to stay. These two records opened doors all around the country for Bleu and his band of rocking gypsies, allowing them to tour all over the Midwest, Southeast, and East Coast. 5 guys with a van, a trailer, and the desire to spread the gospel of hard charging Texas music to the masses and prove that there was an alternative available to people disenfranchised with mainstream country and rock music. Then came One Voice: The Live Album, recorded over the course of a week in 2006 in several venues across Texas including legendary Gruene Hall and The Gypsy Tea Room in Dallas, the album was a perfect example of what fans of music had come to know over the course of Bleu Edmondson’s 6 year career to date. People had come to identify with the honesty, earthy and electrifying way Bleu wrote his songs and the manner in which his stellar band performed them. People had come to trust and believe in these guys.

    Since it had been over 4 years since Bleu had gone back into the studio to do a full length album with all new songs, Bleu knew the new project had to be not only special, but truly his best work so far. So on January 1, 2007 Bleu entered Matchbox Studios in South Austin. This time working with Dwight Baker as producer to try and capture the sound and essence of what Bleu and his band had become after countless nights on the road, in roadhouses, honkytonks, punk clubs, and rock venues all across the country. It had to be special. Dwight Baker coming from a rock music background and being a homegrown Austin boy, had produced records for major labels for years and worked with some of the biggest musical stars in the world. Bleu and Dwight were introduced by manager Paul Soroski and immediately knew this was a match made in heaven! So work began on Lost Boy. Eleven songs detailing the life Bleu had led over the course of the 4 and a half years since his last full studio album. And that life had truly been a helluva ride! Lost Boy is an entirely different record than people have come to expect from either the Texas/Red Dirt scene, Country music scene, or Rock scene. It is a mash up of all of the things that make these different types of music shine. Sweeping, honest, cinematic in places, raw and stripped in others, it will truly keep the hardcore fans of the bands’ sound wanting more, while stealing fans of traditional Country and traditional Rock away from the mainstream and giving them more. Songs such as Jesus Is Crying, American Saint, and The Echo (Maybe Tonight), prove that the art of honest songwriting in the tradition of Bruce Springsteen have not been lost. While other songs such as Last Last Time, and Another Morning After the Night Before (written with legendary troubadour Ray Wylie Hubbard) prove that real country music is not dead. Due out in the summer of ’07, Lost Boy is poised to set a new track for the Texas music scene into a realm where rock, country, and songwriter style music are blurred and the result at the end of the day is honest, heartbreaking, exhilarating, and true!