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    Burgeoning Texas swamp rockers The Lawless released their debut full-length album, ‘Lost Out There’ on October 31. Profound life changes and self-reflection provide the backdrop for a new collection of songs that stagger artfully between honest American rock and roll and smart, moody lyrics melded with searing guitar riffs and intricate arrangements showcasing a defiant yet evolving band on the rise. The latest release features eight original tracks written by frontman Taylor Long. “In some ways ‘Lost Out There’ is a concept album,” explains Long. “The songs were all written during the same year and all carry the same underlying characteristics of serious change, being homesick, self-reflection and bitter anguish. I would say the primary theme of the record is change. My whole life turned a 180 and I dealt with the whole thing through writing music. This record is some of those songs that best describe the time frame and sequential events.” The Lawless, which features Long on vocals/guitar; Kyle Villarreal on guitar/vocals; Josh Redus on bass; Travis Kilmer on drums and David Percefull on accordion/organ are known for their brash and high-energy live shows. They will tour extensively in and around Texas throughout the rest of the year and 2019. “The Lawless speaks for itself,” says Long. “We do what we want. It’s not that we’re a bunch of criminal heathens– it’s a musical term. We write all different types of songs and different styles of music. They all come together in our own little concoction and whatever comes out is what we run with. So we have our own little “music with no rules” mentality.”