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    I’m Victor “Top” Watson owner of the Schertz Photography school & studio. My interest in photography began as a teenager working on the photography merit badge as a Boy Scout, and has grown ever since. My love for photography has inspired me to continuously learn all aspects of the craft which has benefitted me both personally and professionally. My ability to quickly master the technical side of photography plus my love of teaching allows me to easily share my knowledge and passion for photography with others.

    I have been a professional photographer for 44 years. The first 37 years, my primary photography duties were law enforcement related with me shooting family portraits, weddings, graduations, and headshots on the side in my spare time. When I retired from law enforcement in 2012, I moved to Schertz where I opened the school and studio, fully committed to working as a photographer and an instructor. I have had the privilege to photograph many events and people all over the world. Whether it’s a portrait session or a corporate event, you can rely on me to deliver beautiful, perfectly-lit photos on the highest quality paper every time. I am comfortable in the photography studio or out on location whether teaching photography classes, leading a photowalk or photography sessions. My photography style may differ dependent on the event, but my commitment to quality and my passion for my craft is unwavering. I invite you to view my portfolio for examples of my work. I enjoy working with every level of photographers so in 2014, I founded the Schertz Photography Society and I am also currently the President of the New Braunfels Photographic Society.

    Whether you are just starting out or trying to brush up on some old skills, taking a live photography class can be extremely beneficial. Digital photography can be complicated and frustrating. While online classes are a great resource, having a live instructor present to answer your specific questions and guide you to a better understanding of your camera gets you making better photographs faster.